Coral Woman Impact Project


 Virtual Ocean tour -5 
25 August 2020
State in focus - Andaman & Nicobar Island

Why #Amovietomovenment

To create awareness and build youth ambassadors, through the medium of cinema and other art forms, and help revive the blue heart of our planet. Our belief lies in inspiring action, responsibility, and hope through knowledge

About Virtual Ocean Tour 


 Mindfulness and Underwater Cinematography 

In a time when SCUBA Diving has started to pick up globally and in India, what does it mean to be a conscious diver today? Where do we begin this journey and where can it take us? How does it influence and/or affect our relationship with the ocean? With the Andaman Islands as our area of focus, we invite you to come along with us to discover the underwater world around these islands with a panel of experienced divers and underwater cinematographers.

25th August 2021

6-7 PM IST

1-hour virtual tour conversations on marine life and sustainability -by a coral woman impact. Each session will have passionate conversations with specialists and activists driven by a desire to create positive change.​


Our Speakers 


Nitasha KapahI



A graduate of FTII (Pune), Nitasha divides her time between Delhi, Canada, and Thailand projects. Her freelance work experience ranges from fiction to nonfiction, and everything in between. She has worked on ad films, documentaries, television shows, video installations, music videos, short films, and her abiding passion - underwater cinematography. Perhaps more important than a compilation of her accomplishments is the love and admiration that Nitasha has managed to garner from every corner of the world she has worked in - from Leh to Chile to New York. Ask anyone she has worked with and they will tell you that it is in the most challenging circumstances that her obsession with all things cinematic shines through, and her enthusiasm adds priceless momentum to the project.

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Umeed Mistry

 Underwater Photographer and Filmmaker


Umeed Mistry has a keen interest in marine and freshwater ecosystems, and a multi-disciplinary approach to creating awareness about these habitats. He also facilitates art residencies and educational programs at EarthCoLab (


Dr. Naveen Namboothri  

Director - Dakshin Foundation


Naveen Namboothri is a founder trustee of Dakshin Foundation and currently serves as its Director. Trained as a marine biologist, he has worked in diverse coastal, marine, and island systems across India. He heads the Biodiversity and Resource Monitoring Programme and the Environmental Education program at Dakshin; He oversees the establishment and implementation of several marine conservation projects at Dakshin’s field sites such as the community-led fisheries management in the Lakshadweep, citizen science programs in the Andamans, and the long-term monitoring of coral reef ecosystems in the Andamans. He has served on the editorial board of Current Science and was an invited member of the Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology Task Force of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.


Hayat Sadri

Scuba Diver & Trainer


As a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Hayat Sadri has been working towards changing the way people perceive and interact with the ocean by introducing and teaching people how to dive. In addition to teaching diving, she is interested in cultivating perspectives of conservation and education, while continuing to explore unconventional avenues for personal growth.


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